Let’s Get Serious

RCS Engineering is proud to present our 2014 company commercial, Let’s Get Serious. The commercial was edited and produced by our own JJ McCormick, head of Marketing. Feel free to watch, and enjoy!

RCS Engineering Announces New Product

RCS Engineering is proud to be re-contracted by BEST Inc. to build a product to complete this year’s task. 2014 brings a brand new competition season and thus bringing a brand new operation.  This year, RCS Engineering has been contracted to build a robot that can quickly and efficiently conquer the engineering challenges associated with the implementation of modern wind technology.  This year’s product has been named WIND for Wind Turbine Installation and Navigation Device  This product has been designed and produced to gather pieces of wind turbines to increase wind energy and reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Bladerunner logo

For more information on Bladerunner 2014 please feel free to visit the BEST Inc. website at http://www.bestinc.org/

RCS Engineering Launches Safety Campaign

In 2012, RCS Engineering launched a new safety campaign called “Safety Matters”.  Through this program it is the goal of RCS Engineering to provide a safe working environment for its staff.  To learn more about Safety Matters, visit our Company Safety page under the Our Company link or click here.